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Have you seen the movie Ratatouille? Near the end, food critic Anton Ego orders “a little perspective.” After he is wowed by the main character’s cooking ability, he reminds the viewer that sometimes we need to look at things a little differently and realize that good things can come from unexpected sources. In this video message, Farshid Fathi offers a little perspective as an encouragement for Christ Community while we are isolated in our homes.

Farshid Fathi is an Iranian Christian who was imprisoned for his faith and ministry work. On December 26, 2010, Farshid and 24 other Christians were arrested in Tehran. Twenty were questioned and released, but Farshid was one of the four who were not let go. He would spend the next five years in prison.

A portion of Farshid’s prison stay was spent in solitary confinement where he faced long, harsh interrogation sessions and isolation in a very small cell for 361 days. In February of 2012, he was brought to trial and convicted of “action against the national security through cooperating with foreign organizations and evangelism.” Farshid was then sentenced to a total of six years’ imprisonment.

Farshid experienced many injustices within the court system including having his prison term extended on false charges and suffering through a violent prison raid in 2014 in which he was injured. Miraculously, Farshid was finally released in December of 2015, a full two years earlier than expected.

Farshid has long been a friend of Christ Community, and he has visited the Leawood Campus multiple times. Recently, he recorded a short message of perspective for us as we face our own isolation in this time of quarantine. May God fill your heart with hope and encouragement as you look for ways to be thankful and potentially adjust your own perspective during this unique time.