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A Year of Celebration

Written By Christ Community Staff

by: Nikki Dieker

Our Baptism/Birthday Party was an incredible time of celebration as the culmination of our year of Turning 30. Throughout Scripture God calls us to remember and celebrate, and in 2019 we did just that! 

We listened to Stories of Bold Faith in April, served alongside our ministry partners in our Summer of Service, spent a September afternoon with Os Guinness, and partied at our Turning 30 Baptism Celebration in November. Nearly 1000 members of our church family from all five campuses came together to celebrate the baptisms of almost 30 brothers and sisters in Christ. Following the service, we enjoyed fellowship, BBQ, and desserts (not to mention the SWAG!). 

It was a joy to gather at the Olathe Campus to see so many smiling faces, so many lives transformed by the gospel, and so many people who have been impacted by the faithfulness of Christ Community. 

This event would not have been possible without the many volunteers who scooped ice cream, handed out swag, painted faces, and kept the buffet line moving. It is such a blessing to see the church love and serve one another. 

 And a special “thank you” to The Rub for making two extra trips to bring MORE BBQ food for our own “loaves and fishes” moment! 

We serve a great God and cannot wait to see what He has in store for the next 30 years!

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