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Created for Connection

Written By Guest Author

By Curt Thompson, MD
Reposted with permission from

In this podcast, you’ll explore:

– The immensely hopeful discoveries of neuroscience showing that small, daily choices can alter the anatomy of our brain – changing how we think, and ultimately, changing who we are.

– How God has created human beings for connection – with Him, with others, and ourselves…and how to cultivate these connections more intentionally.

– How our overloaded lives – our activities, relentless pace, technology, constant distraction – creates serious disconnections if we don’t directly address them.

– Where to start attacking the problem of distraction in our lives to live more fully and love more deeply.

– Why reading long portions of scripture in a single sitting carries unique benefit.



Christ Community will host Dr. Curt Thompson for two special events in April, 2020. 

Visit Dr. Thompson’s website and download a chapter from The Soul of Shame: CurtThompsonMD.com

Redeeming Shame:
Vulnerability and Vocational Creativity 

When: Thursday, April 23 from 6:30-8:15pm
Where: Christ Community – Leawood Campus
Cost: FREE (but registration is required)
REGISTER for Thursday evening


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