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Finding Gospel Centered Rhythms – Parenting Well

Written By Christ Community Staff

Parenting Well

I saw a poster in a local coffee shop recently that read, “Rise or set, sun. Go ahead. We’re still hustling.” Perhaps this could serve as a family motto for many of us—as we hustle out the door—to and from work and school—hustling from one activity to the next. We hustle even through our weekends—giving up the ancient patterns and rhythms of life for a more intense, fast-paced hustle, powered by caffeinated beverages.

As we began conversations around Gospel-Centered Rhythms, I was reminded of a quote from the great prophet of my generation, Ferris Bueller. He said:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Both of these examples point to a particular rhythm of life. How would you describe your life’s rhythm? What does the rhythm of the life of your family look like? Or, rather, what does it sound like?



Perhaps we should think about the rhythm and patterns of our life like a score of music. Within a given song, phrase, or measure, music is composed of different notes and rests—both are necessary. Rhythm can be defined as the frequency and arrangement of musical sounds (or non-sounds) for a given duration. Perhaps our rhythms of life can be described as the frequency and arrangement of activity and non-activity for a given period of time.

We ought to consider our daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly rhythms—both for us, our children, and our family as a unit. Much of the time, each family member is living into a particular rhythm. Cumulatively, these rhythms may or may not “harmonize” (or work well together) in any given season. The song produced as a family unit may or may not be pleasant to the ear.

It is so important, as parents, that we step back, consider our rhythms of life, and ask the hard question: “Does our pace, pattern, and rhythm of life honor God, contribute to the flourishing of our family, and work toward the common good of those around us?” Please know that this is not an indictment from your Student Ministries pastors. We are a huge part of this problem—we contribute to the busyness of our culture and we ourselves struggle to live out gospel-centered rhythms with our families. We want to confess our struggle, but we also want to help. We believe the first thing to do is begin conversation regarding these “gospel-centered rhythms.”

At our most recent Parenting Well seminar, we did just that—began talking, collaborating, and thinking about all of this. We recognized three questions we need to begin asking regarding the rhythms of life.

  1.   What are our current rhythms?
  2.   What are some primary components of gospel-centered rhythms?
  3.   How do we get there?

These three questions would serve us well as a routine “assessment process” as we plan our seasonal calendars and make commitments to activities and individuals. It has been wisely suggested that we need to make a strong effort to “sync our calendar with our compass.” If we are truly after the life that God designed for us, we need to point our rhythms and work toward that goal—toward His glory, for our good—where He is truly honored and we are truly satisfied.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

Stay connected to our Student Ministries to continue this conversation.


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