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Biblical Teaching With Real-World Results

Written By Christ Community Staff

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Biblical teaching should always bring real world results.

In other words, God’s Word is made to be applied. The power comes when it’s put into action.

In February, Jen Wilkin came to Christ Community to bring her insightful biblical exposition to our church. She spoke at two distinct events – one designed for adult women and another crafted for parents. Jen’s engaging teaching is already bringing about transformation in members of our congregation. We want to share a few of those stories with you.

Here are some reflections from Christ Community congregants who participated in our Jen Wilkin weekend.

At Friday night’s women’s event, Jen Wilkin’s encouragement to go to the Bible for a daily dose of awe was an “awe-ha” moment to my listening ears. God’s Word is daily bread. His Word provides doses of good food to sustain my hungry soul. But awe? Absolutely, the Bible is infused with awe for it is His awesome story beginning to end. But do I intentionally approach each reading in anticipation of awe? In pursuit of awe?

-Tara Bowers (Leawood Campus)

My husband and I attended Jen’s parenting event together, and we absolutely loved it! Jen is a great communicator because she’s engaging, funny, and biblical. She gave us many helpful and practical parenting principles, including how to model conflict and communication in front of our kids, as well as encouraging us to have a family culture of confession rather than concealment. We loved being able to do something together while our children were being well taken care of by Christ Community members, and when we went home we were able to compare notes. We were very edified and encouraged, and have some practical action steps to be able to pray for and work toward. We’re praying that we will be able to “train up [our children] in the way [they] should go,” just as Jen has modeled!

-Jessica Evans (Brookside Campus)

We love hearing stories of how God uses his Word to bring about change in the lives of those who follow Him. And we are so grateful that Tara and Jessica took time to share their stories with us.

Have a Story to Tell?

If you have a story of ways you’ve seen God at work through the various ministries of our church, please share them with us.

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Looking for more resources from Jen Wilkin? Read the articles listed below, or purchase a copy of Grace Based Parenting, the book Jen recommended at our event.



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