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Season 3 Recap | POD 030

Join hosts Bill Gorman, and Paul Brandes in the Season 3 finale of theFormed.life podcast! In this episode, we reflect on key moments and guests from this season, including Dr. Katie McCoy on women in the Old Testament, Dr. Darryll Bock on cultural engagement, Dr. Harold Netland on the exclusivity of Jesus, and Dr. John Dyer on faith and technology.

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Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

Is Jesus the only way to heaven? | POD 025

If Jesus is unequivocally the sole means to salvation and communion with God, how do we grapple with the predicament of individuals who have never encountered the message of Jesus, or those who consciously reject him despite being presented with his teachings? Is Jesus the only way to heaven?

Eyes of Faith: Exploring the Advent Season and Christmas | POD 021

Explore Christmas through the eyes of faith and how sacrifice can be a powerful spiritual discipline during the holiday season as we reflect on the stories of characters like Ruth, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men. Hear more about the profound significance of these characters' experiences.

The Transformative Role of Physical Actions in Worship: Surrender, Trust, and Honor with W. David O. Taylor | POD 020

What is the role of our physical bodies in the context of worship? Our guest, W. David O. Taylor, a theologian and author, shares insights from his book "A Body of Praise," which explores the various traditions around the incorporation of our bodies while we praise and worship. Join us as we uncover the invitation we have in Christ to bring our wholly integrated selves to our corporate gatherings and how it will impact the way we receive and respond to the gospel of Jesus each week.

Exploring the Profound Impact of Music Therapy with Amy Wilson | POD 019

Amy Wilson, a passionate music therapist with a unique career journey joins us on theFormed.life podcast today. Amy shares her experiences working in the field of music therapy, highlighting the impact of music on individuals in various settings, including hospice care and behavioral health. In this episode we get a glimpse into the beauty that can unfold as we begin to more fully integrate our faith and work.

Understanding the Connection: Faith, Work, and Discovering God’s Will for Your Career | POD 018

How should faith and work intersect? Special guest Paige Wiley shares insights from her recent project on bridging the gap between college and the next phase of life as well as the fascinating concept of “skills mapping” for churches and how it can be utilized to foster community and discipleship. Listen now to this thought-provoking conversation about work, calling, and the journey towards finding purpose in our daily lives.

Lessons from the Past, Insights for the Present: Church Governance and Its Relevance Today | POD 017

How are churches structured and governed? Kevin Rackman and Tom Nelson join our host, Bill Gorman, bringing their extensive experience in church planting, architecture, and governance to the conversation. They explore the significance of accountability, the role of national denominations, the complexities of power dynamics, and the importance of checks and balances in church and business leadership. Join us as we uncover the practical wisdom and principles that can guide churches and organizations in their governance and leadership roles.

Prayer and Witness | POD 015

Gabe Coyle and Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos discuss the transformative power of prayer and the significance of having a personal relationship with God. Join us as we explore the profound role of prayer in our journey of faith.

Reading Romans with Douglas Moo | POD 014

In today's episode we are diving into an overview of the compelling and complex book of Romans. Our hosts, Paul Brandes, Bill Gorman, are joined by special guest Dr. Douglas Moo, who brings his expertise as a renowned scholar and commentator on the book of Romans. Throughout the episode, our speakers reflect on their personal connections with the book of Romans, from their early encounters with commentaries to the challenges and rewards of teaching and preaching from this pivotal New Testament letter.

Romans Series Overview with Bill & Tom | POD 013

In today's episode, we are joined by Tom Nelson, our lead senior pastor, for an enlightening conversation about the significance of this powerful letter to the Romans. Bill and Tom discuss the shifting focus of the church over time and how Romans speaks to essential questions like: who Jesus is, how we're saved, and what it means to be human.

Exploring the CSB Translation with Dr. Coover-Cox | POD 012

Bible translation is an often misunderstood process which can lead to difficulties in choosing a translation that fits the needs of the reader. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Dr. Dorian Coover-Cox, who will take us on an enlightening journey through the world of Bible translation. We'll dive into the challenges, decisions, and goals involved in bringing the ancient text to life in different languages.

Cultivating a Generosity Mindset – Paul Forbes | POD 010

How should your faith intersect with your finances? On this episode of theFormed.life, we discuss the impact of financial mindset and posture and the importance of implementing financial boundaries. We explore the tension around finances, reflecting on why people spend money on certain things and how this reveals what their idols are.

Historicity of Resurrection Sunday – Dr. Blomberg | POD 009

Did the Resurrection of Jesus really happen? What are the implications and evidence of Jesus’ resurrection? On this episode of theFormed.life, Dr. Craig Blomberg, a renowned New Testament scholar joins our host, Bill Gorman to discuss the unique differences in the Gospel of John, the skepticism surrounding the resurrection story, and the impact the resurrection has had on culture and society throughout history.

Sleep, Rest and Renewal: God’s Rhythm in Creation and Our Lives | POD 008

How important is rest and sleep for renewal and spiritual growth? In this episode we discuss how God's design for rest affects all of creation, with sleep being a crucial element. Dr. Gayln Perry and Liz Nelson regularly work with patients who struggle with sleep concerns. They share their expertise, clarifying and addressing common contributors to sleep and rest issues. We talk about practical ideas for improving sleep quality and how inconsistent sleep schedules, napping in the afternoon, and engaging in non-sleep-related activities in bed can negatively impact quality of sleep.

Addressing Sexual Brokenness: Clues to Healing Through Story and Curiosity | POD 007

Unwanted sexual behaviors are not random but reflect unaddressed parts of one's story. Dealing with these underlying issues can lead to wider stories of healing. In this podcast episode, we talk with Jay Stringer about bringing the problems, heartache, brokenness, and sin into the foreground, and get really curious about the origins of how that all began. And then, with curiosity and kindness, that's how we are able to heal and grow.

Cannabis and the Christian

Legalization of Cannabis: How Should Christians Respond? | POD 006

The cannabis debate is raging, with some countries legalizing it and others banning recreational use. In this episode of theFormed.life Podcast, Dr. Todd Miles joins us to discuss the legalization of cannabis and how Christians should respond. We explore a biblical framework, the different elements in cannabis, and some wisdom questions that can help us make informed decisions. Todd is a pastor and author with a beautiful Christian perspective on this topic

Integrating Faith at Work | Mitch Holthus | POD 004

Meet the Voice of the Chiefs, our very own Mitch Holthus. Mitch tells us about his work with the Chiefs and what it looks like to integrate faith into all of life, sharing the truth of the gospel, the importance of scripture memorization, and making time for others even when life is hard and gets busy.

Gender Dysphoria Issues | Dr. Julia Sadusky | POD 003

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Julia Sadusky about gender identity and gender dysphoria and how the local church can be a place of hope. As followers of Jesus, it is our desire to respond with grace and love to the many cultural shifts relating to gender identity while remaining tethered to a biblical foundation.

Stan Archie and Tom Nelson | POD 001

We hope to challenge you in thinking deeply about what it means to follow Jesus in all of life. For today’s challenge we are talking about hope in a divided world; the hostile dividing walls that tragically still exist, with a special focus on race, ethnicity, and culture.

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