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Cannabis and the Christian | POD006

In today’s episode, we talk with Dr. Todd Miles, author of Cannabis and the Christian: What the Bible Says about Marijuana. This conversation focuses on Biblical wisdom for how to think about cannabis. Dr. Miles helps us set a framework that can be used for Biblical thinking about many topics that aren’t explicitly addressed in the Scriptures, including cannabis.



Cannabis and the Christian – by Todd Miles (book on Amazon)

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Integrating Faith at Work | Mitch Holthus | POD 004

Meet the Voice of the Chiefs, our very own Mitch Holthus. Mitch tells us about his work with the Chiefs and what it looks like to integrate faith into all of life, sharing the truth of the gospel, the importance of scripture memorization, and making time for others even when life is hard and gets busy.

Gender Dysphoria Issues | Dr. Julia Sadusky | POD 003

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Julia Sadusky about gender identity and gender dysphoria and how the local church can be a place of hope. As followers of Jesus, it is our desire to respond with grace and love to the many cultural shifts relating to gender identity while remaining tethered to a biblical foundation.

POD 001 | Stan Archie and Tom Nelson

We hope to challenge you in thinking deeply about what it means to follow Jesus in all of life.
For today’s challenge we are talking about hope in a divided world; the hostile dividing walls that tragically still exist, with a special focus on race, ethn

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