February 23, 2023
Mental Health and Spiritual Formation as Followers of Jesus | POD 005
In this episode, we explore the intersection of mental health and spiritual formation as followers of Jesus. Tom and Liz Nelson join us for this critical conversation.



In this episode, we explore the intersection of mental health and spiritual formation as followers of Jesus. Tom and Liz Nelson join us for this critical conversation.... | READ MORE BELOW

Hosts & Guests

Liz Nelson – Licensed Counselor

Tom Nelson – Lead Senior Pastor

Paul Brandes – Host

Bill Gorman – Co-Host

Show Notes

In this episode, we explore the intersection of mental health and spiritual formation as followers of Jesus. Tom and Liz Nelson join us for this important conversation. 

One in four of us will experience a mental health crisis in our lives. If we knew that one in four of our church family experienced this trauma, wouldn’t we want to know about it and have the church be a place that considers the unique needs of those dealing with these issues? 

Even if you never personally experience a crisis, your mental health and emotions are a part of how God made you, and Jesus cares deeply about you as a whole person.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how to “undo the aloneness” in our lives
  • the coming together of theology and mental health
  • the importance of not just knowing God but being known by God
  • Some practical advice on what to look for in mental health professional 
  • Attachment theory

You’ll hear us use the language of “attachment” and “attachment theory” a number of times. If you want to learn more about attachment and how it affects your relationships with others and God, here are a few resources:

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POD 001 | Stan Archie and Tom Nelson

We hope to challenge you in thinking deeply about what it means to follow Jesus in all of life.
For today’s challenge we are talking about hope in a divided world; the hostile dividing walls that tragically still exist, with a special focus on race, ethn


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