September 7, 2023
Prayer and Witness | POD 015
Gabe Coyle and Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos discuss the transformative power of prayer and the significance of having a personal relationship with God. Join us as we explore the profound role of prayer in our journey of faith.



Gabe Coyle and Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos discuss the transformative power of prayer and the significance of having a personal relationship with God. Join us as we explore the profound role of prayer in our journey of faith.... | READ MORE BELOW


Gabe Coyle – Downtown Campus Pastor

Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos – Associate Pastor, Downtown

Bill Gorman – Host

Show Notes

Prayer and Witness

In today’s episode with Gabe Coyle and Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos, we dive into the transformative power of prayer and the significance of having a personal relationship with God. Nydiaris and Gabe share their personal experiences and reflections on prayer and how it has shaped their lives, from the importance of spending time in God’s presence to the impact of witnessing through telling our personal stories of God’s rescue. Join us as we explore the profound role of prayer in our journey of faith.


  1. The importance of prayer and experiencing God’s presence: This episode emphasizes the significance of spending time with God in prayer and immersing oneself in His presence. Regular prayer makes one become attuned to God and develops an intuitive understanding of His actions and character. Personal anecdotes and biblical examples demonstrate the deep interconnection between individuals and God through prayer.

  2. The power of witnessing and storytelling: Witnessing the impact of Jesus in one’s life is an integral part of being a Christian. This episode encourages listeners to share their personal experiences of how Jesus has transformed their lives. Engaging in storytelling and effectively communicating the gospel message is vital in facilitating spiritual growth and creating unity within the church community.

  3. The transformative role of prayer in personal formation: Prayer serves as a means of bringing one’s authentic self before God and surrendering to His lordship. It allows for vulnerability, authenticity, and sharing one’s personal story with others. The episode highlights prayer as both a discipline and a lifeline, emphasizing its role in personal growth, self-care, and building a strong connection with God.


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Nydiaris Hernåndez-Santos
Nydiaris grew up in a small coastal town in Puerto Rico, surrounded by mountains and a beautiful community of people that deeply shaped her faith. A fascination with science led her to pursue a B.S. in Biology/Microbiology at the University of Puerto Rico, resulting in a two-year internship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, M.D. Her passion for germs and the immune system led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Pittsburgh and subsequent postdoctoral work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Nydiaris loves to learn and study! Her life turned one hundred and eighty degrees when the Lord asked her to pursue ministry and her passion for preaching in a more traditional way, including pursuing an M. Div. degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Nydiaris loves meeting new people and deep conversations. She also loves music, particularly her beloved Latin American tunes. As a passenger in her car, you will likely hear some salsa or Latin jazz playing. A long walk, good food, a nurturing book, and passionate prayer are her version of spa treatment.

Gabriel Coyle
After receiving his Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Gabe’s passion for the gospel to transform and develop whole communities gracefully collided with his passion for the arts in downtown Kansas City. In the spring of 2012, God called Gabe and his wife, Allie, to Christ Community’s Downtown Campus to be a part of God’s work for His name’s sake in this city. Gabe loves running ultra marathons, taking long walks through the neighborhood with his three children, and jamming out on guitars as a family after dinner. Gabe is pursuing his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.



“I see that in the legacy. I see that with my own mom growing up in a single-parent household. My mom wasn’t as verbal in terms of directing me to pray, but I would come home many nights and see her crying over her Bible and praying. And what she would say is, ‘God’s good in ways I can’t explain’ or ‘We’re looking at the messy side of the tapestry, but one day God’s going to weave something beautiful on the other side,’ and I saw this trust in her that was born in prayer.”
— Gabe Coyle


“How are we intentionally being formed ourselves versus being deformed?”
— Gabe Coyle


“But she has heard about what God was doing with his people and rescuing people. And she said that to the spies, that were afraid. And please don’t forget me when you come because I know that the lord is going to give you this land. I mean, she had faith off the charts, and she was witnessing to the Israelites about what their own God can do.”
— Nydiaris


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00:02:41 Prayer shaped me, a lifeline of joy.
00:08:29 Prayed together, powerful moment, God’s love.
00:11:10 Powerful prayers and emotional connection to God.
00:14:44 Intuitive sense of God’s presence in prayer
00:18:54 Parents raising children in the way of Jesus, using the example of Augustine.
00:22:34 Growing in God’s word and ways together.
00:27:40 Prayer is receiving and covers various disciplines.
00:31:56 The story of how he rescued us.
00:34:17 Witnesses to Jesus’ story, telling it passionately.
00:39:40 Prayer is a witness and surrender to God.
00:48:44 Mitch journals prayers for 17 years straight.
00:50:59 Let stories of God flow freely, unexplained.
00:54:06 Final Question.

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