The Pastoral Residency at Christ Community Church is a two-year mentoring program designed to train and equip church leaders of tomorrow. Christ Community seeks to provide aspiring church leaders a healthy church environment to learn, grow, and practice ministry after completing their seminary degree.

The Pastoral Resident serves as a pastoral apprentice-in-residence in a two-year mentoring residency, puts ministry into practice while learning from pastoral mentors not only through explicit instruction but also through observation and modeling, and seeks to further the mission of Christ Community Church.

Primary Responsibilities may include:
  • Lead in worship through Scripture readings, prayers, and greetings
  • Write public prayers or responsive readings for use in corporate worship
  • Participate in critique of sermon writing and delivery in worship planning meetings
  • Prepare for and engage in weekly teaching team meetings 
  • Preach in worship services as assigned
  • Teach in small classes, such as the Women’s Ministries Bible studies, Men’s Ministries, Student Ministries, Young Adults, or Family and Care
  • Participate in care visits

For more information, or to apply, go to our Pastoral Residency webpage.


  • Embrace a commitment to Christ Community, including doctrine and philosophy, and promote the  mission of Christ Community Church.
  • Embrace Christ Community staff’s cultural habits: 
    • We expect God.
    • We stay yoked.
    • We take the mission seriously, not ourselves.
    • We remember names.
    • We are better together