Cultivating a Generosity Mindset – Paul Forbes |  POD 010

Cultivating a Generosity Mindset – Paul Forbes | POD 010






Paul Forbes – Guest
Senior Vice President of Giver Experience at the National Christian Foundation

Bill Gorman – Host

Show Notes

Better Finances, Greater Impact: Cultivating a Mindset of Generosity

How should your faith intersect with your finances? On this episode of theFormed.life, we discuss the impact of financial mindset and posture, as well as the importance of implementing financial boundaries. We explore the tension around finances, reflecting on why people spend money on certain things and how this reveals what their idols are.

Our guest, Paul Forbes, shares his journey towards generosity and financial discipline despite financial constraints, and how trust in God can lead to unexpected provision. We highlight resources such as Generousgiving.org, A Journey of Generosity, and the National Christian Foundation that promote and encourage faith-based generosity. In addition, we discuss the importance of self-regulation, building financial margin, and seeking help from Christian financial professionals.

Join us as we unpack the taboo topic of money, through a biblical perspective.


Join us in this conversation about building a legacy of generosity.
  • Our mindset and approach towards money matters, and our heart motivations behind our spending and saving reveal a lot about our individual journey.
  • Giving, tithing, and being faithful in our finances can invite unexpected blessings and reveal God’s faithfulness in our lives.
  • Spending less than what we make, establishing financial boundaries, and seeking help from Christian financial professionals are practical ways to manage our finances and be generous towards others.

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Paul Forbes, Senior Vice President of Giver Experience at the National Christian Foundation,, grew up in Kansas City and was introduced to key people who helped him attend one of the academies where he studied engineering. After serving as an army officer and flying attack helicopters for peacetime, he felt led to leave the military and settle down. Forbes worked for Hallmark Cards in Mexico and facilitated mission trips for his home church, Pleasant Valley. He eventually became the executive pastor at Pleasant Valley and joined the National Christian Foundation staff 16 years ago, where he has been involved with the generosity movement.



“What you can effortlessly spend money on probably reveals what could be an idol.” – Tim Keller
— Paul Forbes


“Everything we have comes from God. Everything is his. And so just recognizing that and ultimately coming to a point asking the owner, what is it you want me to do?”
— Paul Forbes


“Still in our society, when everything’s out in the open, you can find it on the web, it’s out of the closet, the last remaining taboo is money.”
— Paul Forbes



More Than Money: Tim Keller On How To Live Generously – Article

National Christian Foundation – Website




[00:07:04] “Navigating Consumer Society with God’s Help”

[00:09:19] “Tithing, Trusting and Growing in Giving”

[00:12:13] “Money: Revealing Our Heart’s True Motivations”

[00:16:44] “Financial Advice: Ask God First, Spend Less”

[00:19:46] “Perspective on Wealth: Are You Grateful Enough?”

[00:21:46] “Finding joy and generosity in God’s gifts”

[00:25:29] “Finding contentment in financial restraint.”

[00:30:11] “Encouraging Generosity through Non-Solicitation Organization”

[00:32:23] “The Joy and Fun of Intentional Generosity”