Women In Biblical Law: Encountering God’s Value System With Dr. Katie McCoy | POD 027

Women In Biblical Law: Encountering God’s Value System With Dr. Katie McCoy | POD 027





Katie McCoy – Guest

Bill Gorman – Host


Show Notes

Women In Biblical Law: Encountering
God’s Value System With Dr. Katie McCoy

Are you curious about the ancient laws that guided women’s lives in the Old Testament? Join us on theFormed.life podcast, where Dr. Katie McCoy helps us explore some difficult passages, shedding light on the true intent behind the Sotah law and childbirth customs in Leviticus and Numbers. In our conversation, we get insights into how these confusing laws from ancient Israel actually reveal the loving kindness of our Maker. Get ready for a riveting episode that connects these cryptic passages with our present understanding of God’s character.



  • Ancient Laws and Women’s Health: Dr. Katie McCoy discusses the Old Testament laws concerning women, especially those related to childbirth and menstruation. She suggests that these laws, rather than being punitive, were designed with the health and well-being of women in mind. Highlighting the importance of rest and recovery post-childbirth, McCoy also notes the potential biological insights that align with medical understanding today.
  • Cultural Context and Interpretation: The conversation underscores the importance of understanding the cultural and historical context when interpreting biblical laws. Dr. McCoy and host Bill Gorman dig into the nature of the honor-shame culture of the Old Testament era. They emphasize that laws, such as those regarding suspected infidelity and menstrual purity, should be understood in light of the values and practices of the time, which often stood in stark contrast to those of surrounding pagan cultures.
  • God’s Character Reflected in Laws: Dr. McCoy asserts that biblical laws reflect God’s value system. She encourages listeners to consider the ‘why’ behind ancient regulations, proposing that they reveal aspects of God’s character. The laws aimed to set the Israelites apart and demonstrated God’s care for the community’s health and moral fabric.

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Katie McCoy, the Director of Women’s Ministry at Texas Baptists, holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from Southwestern Seminary (TX), where she also served on the faculty for five years. With a focus on the patterns of justice for women in Old Testament laws and the intersection of theology, gender, and women’s studies, Katie is a prolific speaker and writer on these issues. She authored “To Be a Woman: The Confusion Over Female Identity and How Christians Can Respond” and finds joy in baking and organizing at the Container Store. As an academic, she passionately delves into the underlying values shaping human interactions and societal judgments, offering insightful analyses that illuminate the intricate connections between ethics, culture, and theology.



“Well, right there, not only is that teaching, to not be casual or cavalier with the presence of blood, but it’s also hygienic. Keep in mind, we don’t have antibiotics. We don’t have, feminine products. All of this is also for the good of God’s community in mitigating the spread of bacteria and disease.”— Dr. Katie McCoy


“It seems so unusual to our ears, but any shedding of blood whether that is in a biological process or coming across, a dead animal, a dead human body, you don’t treat that like you do any other event or any other, human contact. And, of course, that is to teach us to value is teaching the people of Israel to value blood, the blood sacrifice, which, of course, is preparing them for the blood of the lamb who would take away the sin of the world.”— Dr. Katie McCoy


“When we encounter these categories, like the childbirth laws and we go, what are we to understand from this? Well, we are trying to understand the mind of God, what is the why behind it? Because whatever that why is, he’s telling us something about himself.”— Dr. Katie McCoy



00:00 Teaching series addressing Christianity’s treatment of women.

04:45 Cultural understanding is crucial for interpretive success.

09:53 God’s law reveals his character and values.

12:54 Childbirth laws raise questions about women’s value.

15:16 Blood shedding is significant in Israel’s culture.

19:50 God’s law considers new moms’ vulnerability compassionately.

22:30 Theories around women giving birth to a daughter.

26:38 Carrying a baby girl vs a boy.

28:39 Research on laws and scriptural revelations.

31:27 Old Testament law and regulation.

37:29 God’s provisions for adultery.

39:18 The Bible reveals the consistent beauty of God’s character.

42:57 Gratitude for time, expertise, and sharing resources.