Staff Picks – Podcasts, Books, and Music We Love

Staff Picks – Podcasts, Books, and Music We Love

Our staff is always reading, listening, or watching something new. We have a range of interests, and some of them may also interest you! We are often asked about our favorites, so here is a sampling of what we are currently enjoying.


Broken Record with Rick Ruben and Malcom Gladwell
This is not a Christian perspective but I love music and the process of creating it. There are five seasons to scroll through and find artists of interest.

On the Road with Saint Augustine by James K.A. Smith
A great perspective of an ancient father of the church.

Eat, Fast, Feast by Jay W. Richards
A scientific and biblical approach to a discipline that is overlooked in our society.

Music: (non Christian)
Bill Withers 
Fantastic songwriter, especially the 60s and 70s stuff!

John Prine 
He just died from Covid-19 related complications and I started shuffling his music and have been blown away.

Bon Iver 
Phenomenal contemporary musician who is always evolving, and creating beautiful songs. I listened to the Broken Record podcast about him and learned so much. 


Very short 2x/day podcast with engaging stories and learning for kids to help them brush their teeth long enough (even adults might find it interesting!).

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown
A serious book that will make you laugh about why we long to belong, and balancing confidence in our own gifts and opinions with the risks of acceptance from others.

Christian Workout playlist in Pandora
Great for a run, but also a family dance party in the kitchen!


At the Table with Patrick Lencioni
In my opinion the best organizational leadership podcast. I never miss an episode.

Coronavirus Daily from NPR 
Relevant news, practical tips, and encouraging stories all in 10 mins each weekday afternoon.

The Common Rule  by Justin Earley
A short, deeply practical book about how our habits can be one of the most powerful means of following Jesus and finding joy in Him.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett
Beautiful novel about the power of love, commitment, and family. The audiobook version is read by Tom Hanks!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
I can’t remember the last time any film or work of art moved me as deeply in my desire to love my neighbor like Jesus does. 

Anna Lynn

The Place We Find Ourselves 
Adam Young (LCSW, MDiv) and guests discuss story, trauma, attachment and abuse and how it impacts the heart and mind. The episodes navigate the path towards healing, wholeness and restoration. 

Read Scripture  
This is a year long Bible reading plan and is supplemented with Bible videos from the Bible Project. I enjoy it because everything is in the app for you. It’s not dated, so if you can’t read one day you’re not off track and can simply continue on with the plan. 

Sara Groves
Sara is a Christian artist that writes songs of honesty and depth. I listened to her music a lot and rediscovered her in this time of quarantine. Her music is filling my soul. She’s offering a FaceTime live each Thursday if you’d like to tune in. One phrase she shared that I’ve been chewing on: “As believers, we get to join a glorious partnership with the Eternal for the renewal of all things.”


Books: (Non-fiction)
No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon by Erik Weihenmayer.
This is the powerful story of Erik who lost his sight due to a genetic condition. He has overcome that barrier and climbed the tallest summit on each of the 7 continents and now kayaked the Grand Canyon. His No Barriers Foundation empowers others to overcome barriers and contribute their best to the world.

Parenting by Paul David Tripp.
This book shifted my context for parenting from legalism to grace, from managing kids’ behavior to parenting as God’s ambassadors out of grace.

Andrew Peterson
His soft, folk-style voice and music tell a story. His album Behold the Lamb of God tells the story of the coming of Christ. He’s also written fantasy novels.


The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith
Easy to read, thought-provoking, and practical, Smith explores how God changes lives by replacing false narratives with true narratives. Each chapter includes a “soul training” exercise to try alone or with your family!

“Every Psalm” project by Poor Bishop Hooper
My friends Jesse and Leah Roberts, who led our church in The Golgotha Experience last year, are releasing one song each week for the next two years. Simple and moving songs based on all 150 psalms. 

“Reading in Exile” by Russell Moore
Does it count that my media recommendation is also about books? Visit www.russellmoore.com or follow Russell Moore on Instagram as he highlights some of his favorite books and authors—he’s already mentioned some that I also love and made me want to read so many more.