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The Lord’s Supper

Written By Christ Community Staff

The Lord’s Supper is a meal Jesus ordained as a means to nourish His followers as we await His return. In Jesus’ last supper with His disciples before He was crucified (Luke 22:7-20), He centered the Passover meal, a meal instituted by God for Israel to remember their salvation from Egypt (Exodus 11-12), upon Himself and His saving work on the cross. 

In obedience to Jesus, the early church regularly partook of this meal as they gathered together (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). And so we too now follow Jesus’ command to eat and remember. 

The gospel is proclaimed to all our senses as we see broken bread as Jesus’ body broken for us and see juice as a representation of His blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. In this moment of remembrance, we celebrate what God has accomplished in Jesus. We also experience by the power of the Spirit a unique communion with God and each other. 

All committed followers of Jesus are welcome to partake of the meal and so remember God’s promises to His children and the believer’s commitment to Him. Examination of one’s heart before partaking is encouraged to see if there are any unconfessed personal or corporate sins of which to repent (1 Corinthians 11:27-34). For to remember the covenant of God in Jesus and not repent of known sin only further instills hypocrisy, and so destruction. This is also why the Lord’s Supper is reserved for believers in Jesus. Instead of nourishment, partaking of the Lord’s Supper as an unbeliever only further speaks condemnation until one rests in Jesus’ finished work on the cross. 


  1. Bread (any kind will do)
  2. Juice (something red is preferable)
  3. A humble and repentant heart
  4. Other believers (preferable if available)

In our online worship together, we will walk through the steps to partake and remember together. 


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