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YouTube – Staff Recommendations

Written By Christ Community Staff

YouTube. Did you know that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide! That’s a staggering amount of data. And 67% of people believe they can learn anything they need to know on YouTube. Anything from how to be a better parent, to how to build a better pizza. With all that content, how do you find ‘the good stuff’? How do you find something worthwhile to watch? 

While our campus pastors may not be YouTube aficionados, we did coax them into sharing a few of their favorite YouTube recommendations and videos with us to help us cut through the clutter. Enjoy these YouTube picks, then share with us a few of your favorites as well. 

Bill Gorman – Brookside Campus 

One of my favorite new artists is Jon Guerra and the visual version of his album KEEPER OF DAYS has been a regular YouTube companion for the past few months. The album offers an eclectic mix of musical styles combined with deeply thoughtful and scripture-saturated lyrics. My favorite tracks are “Hiding Lord,” “Tightrope,” “Citizens,” and “Prettier Than Solomon.”

Gabe Coyle – Downtown Campus

Sometimes we just need to laugh. It’s good for the heart and the body. And I have to say that KEVIN JAMES’ YouTube CHANNEL has been the place I go to just laugh. My favorites are the Sound Guy episodes where he splices himself into movies. So good. 

Andrew Jones – Leawood Campus

This one is easy for me. I don’t rewatch ANYTHING on YouTube like I rewatch Tim Keller’s recent (2017) lecture at Princeton Seminary called, “ANSWERING LESSLIE NEWBIGIN.” I don’t know if I have heard a clearer summary of the church’s mission to encounter and transform western culture than this. I have found it both timely and timeless. If that sounds too intense, I recommend rewatching the Chiefs Super Bowl win and/or the Royals World Series game 7. 

Reid Kapple – Olathe Campus

One of my favorite channels is SCARY POCKETS. They do some incredible funk and groove covers of modern pop music. Their cover of Hanson’s hauntingly catchy song MMMBop is just gold!

The TEN MINUTE BIBLE HOUR has been a recent discovery for me. Matt Whitman is an evangelical Christian who visits and learns about various denominations and traditions within Christianity. He tours and interviews different ministers, pastors, and priests to discover what we all share in common and where we differ in theology, worship, and practice.

Shawnee Campus

My seminary education took countless hours of reading, studying, reflecting and sitting in class. It turns out I could have just subscribed to THE BIBLE PROJECT YouTube. Their videos are theologically rich, visually engaging and memorable. In seriousness, I would never trade my seminary education in for some YouTube videos, but if I had to, The Bible Project would be my choice.


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