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Brookside Adults

No matter your stage or place — Men, Women, Young Adults, or Fifty & Better — we have a place for you

Men’s Ministries

We seek to facilitate and encourage authentic friendships among men. We are convinced this is important because men need other men. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Often men don’t like to admit they need anything. But most men really do enjoy hanging out with other men, though it is often hard to find time to form these relationships.

That’s where Men’s Ministries comes in.  

Men’s Ministries organizes and supports multiple avenues to encourage these kinds of connections. Some of these happen regularly, some of them happen multiple times a year: Bible studies, Kansas City events, and other enjoyable opportunities designed just for men.

Get connected.
This is a good first step!

Women’s Ministries

Connecting can be hard! We want to welcome, encourage, connect, and serve women as we journey together. We offer a variety of ways to connect for women of all ages and stages of life, including Bible studies, serving opportunities, and fellowship events.  

Women’s studies are offered throughout the week, during both daytime and evening. Check the EVENTS page for opportunities to serve alongside other women and join in fellowship events throughout the year.

Young Adults

Let’s make this journey together! Your young adult and college years are all about exploring new beliefs, and, most importantly, discovering yourself. We gather periodically to eat, serve, talk about Scripture and relevant topics, and simply have fun.   

The Young Adult Community at the Brookside Campus is a unique mix of singles and married couples in their 20’s and 30’s who are journeying through life together. Join us for authentic worship, relevant fun messages, with lots of opportunities to lead.

Fifty & Better Ministries

Our Fifty & Better Group doesn’t know a stranger. We long to create a friendly community, where newcomers and long-time members can know each other well. We’d love for you to try one of our upcoming events so you can join the fun!   

Are you fifty or older?

We’d love for you to join us! We meet regularly throughout the year to laugh together, play together, and share life with one another. Most of our gatherings are informal and a really great place to connect.