Community Groups

Staying connected in community has never been more important.

Community Groups

What is a community group? A Community Group is a small group of individuals in our church who gather regularly throughout the week. The goal of community groups is to become more like Jesus together through joyful committed relationships.

Growing Together

Community groups are a great fit once you are committed to Christ Community as your home church and you are making Sunday attendance a priority. You don’t have to be a member to belong to a community group, but regular Sunday attendance will make your community group experience rich, as unpacking and applying the sermon is core to each week’s meeting.


Get Involved

Once you have met with a pastor or attended a Community Group Discovery class and join a community group, we suggest that you commit to the group for a minimum of one year, and make every effort to attend the 24 meetings throughout the year. This will allow you the time it takes to grow in friendship and trust.

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BROOKSIDE | Holly Justice

DOWNTOWN | Caleb Jenkins

LEAWOOD | Brent Nelsen

OLATHE | Nikki Dieker

SHAWNEE | Carolyn Poage


Spring Session
February 4  – April 21, 2024

Fall Session
September 15  – December 7, 2024